Universal Signs & Accessories has consistently been a leader in fabricating aluminum blank products.  After three decades of experience with metal fabrication, our fabrication processes have been refined by studying the marketplace and listening to our client’s request.  Due to the valuable feedback from our client’s, our fabrication processes stand apart from the competition.

In response to the marketplace demands for providing a product that is safe for material handlers and sign fabricators, the edge of every aluminum blank is carefully beveled to eliminate sharp nicks and burrs that can be dangerous to those handling material.
In response to motorist requests to eliminate distracting glares caused by the sun and other bright lights directed from metal surfaces, our unique conversion coating process produces a light-dulling chrome metal finish.  This finish reduces the distraction caused by glares from roadside metal products.

Our aluminum blanks are cut and processed to the customer's exact specifications prior to applying our unique coating system that completely submerges the product to provide the best corrosion resistant coverage in the industry. 

If you have a custom application, feel free to call us toll-free at 1-800-432-0331 or you can click here to contact us by email.

aluminum blank products

When ordering, please specify:

1.  Dimensions:    Length x height x thickness

2. Thickness:  .063, .080 or .125

3.  Hole Specification: Uchannel/Square Post Mount, No Holes, or other

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Common aluminum blank shapes include:
- Horizontal Rectangle
- Vertical Rectangle
- Square
- Diamond
- Octagon
- Pentagon
- Circle
- County Route Marker
- Triangle
- Interstate Shield
- Street Name Sign