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  • Dual “wig-wag” flashing amber LED warning lights
  • Brightest and most durable LED’s on the market
  • Driver and pedestrian LED notification
  • Ideal for mid-block and unsignalized crosswalks
  • User activated via Push Button or Presence Detection
  • Red LED’s available for Wrong Way and Stop applications
  • Cluster of LED arrays provides greater light output than traditional devices
  • Surrounding LED sign enhancement commands driver's attention of the traffic control device
  • Visible up to two miles
  • Night time dimming capabilities
  • Available in any sign design and size
  • Programmable for all activation methods
  • Numerical or full matrix display capabilities
  • Available from 9” to 18” display heights
  • BlinkLink web-based monitoring capable
  • Real-time alert of current speed
  • Solar powered for grid independence


Standard Push Button

  • Activated with less than 2 lbs. force
  • Can be integrated for all BlinkerSign, RRFB, or Beacon systems
  • Cannot be jammed or stuck in "on position"
  • Stainless steel button cap
  • Superior grade pre-treatment and powder coat
  • Low visibility, steady flash operations
  • Solar Powered
  • Double sided LED
  • MUTCD: compliant
  • Visibility:  Day-over 400', Night-over900'
  • Makes sharp corners and blind spots safer!
  • World's smallest and lowest power consuming K-Band Doppler Radar.
  • Firmware "boot loader" allows for field upgrading of firmware
  • Settings configurable via RS232 serial port
  • Solar or 110V AC
  • Simple rotary switch or thumbwheel input available to set threshold
  • 300+ feet pickup range.

  • Pedestrians and bicyclists can passively trigger warning system

  • Install virtually anywhere, utilizing wireless control if needed
  • Can be secured to concrete or asphalt
  • Battery operated:  no grid wiring required.
  • Available with Red or Amber LED’s
  • Most intelligent solar LED beacon system on the market
  • Energy efficient 14 watt solar capabilities
  • Single or dual “wig-wag” flashing assemblies
  • Ideal for School Zone applications
  • Available with black, yellow, or raw aluminum housing

    Audible Push Button

    • Provides two-tone audible confirmation as wellas visual pedestrian confirmation
    • Meets ADA, MUTCD, and TAC requirements
    • Transient protection that exceeds NEMA specifications
    • Wind, hail, and vibration have no effect
    • Superior grade pre-treatment and powder coat


    Family Owned & Operated Since 1963

    Round LED Beacon

    LED Enhanced BlinkerSigns

    In-Roadway Warning Lights (IRWL)

    • Flat profile is bike and snowplow safe
    • Heavy duty stainless steel module construction
    • Uni & Bi Directional modules
    • Solar or AC powered capabilities
    • Available with amber, red, or white LED’s
    • Full daytime visibility up to 3,000 feet
    • Industry leading 5-year warranty

    Driver Feed Back Signs

    LED Enhanced Raised Pavement Markers (LED RPM)

    Vehicle Detection

    Pedestrian Detection

    • Precise presence and accurate motion detection
    • Combined infrared and microwave technologies
    • 8' to 16' mounting elevation option
    • Impervious to light, sun, rain, and snow

    Over Height Detection

    • Infrared technology detects over height vehicles
    • Infrared beam is cast across right-of-way
    • Easy adjustable elevation settings
    • Ideal for low bridges, tunnels, overpasses, and parking structures
    • Solar powered for grid independence

    Flood Detection

    • Activates warning system when rising water is detected
    • Fiber optic sensor detects water levels
    • Adjustable water level activation
    • Fresh and salt water applications
    • Solar powered for grid independence

    Bollard Detection

    Time Clock Controller and Software

    • Windows based program running from a laptop of PC
    • Based on the calendar with holiday and day light savings time capabilities
    • Choose from 8 different day types and 16 events per day
    • Ideal for school zones, business and industrial facility work schedules

    BlinkLink Traffic Device Monitoring System

    • Comprehensive management of all intelligent warning systems in the field
    • Quickly review histories of equipment and events
    • Complete analytics of power supply, battery, timing, LED output, and more
    • Easily identify positive and negative trends for actions
    • View your equipment on an interactive map
    • Set alert levels for automated e-email and/or text notifications

    Weather Detection

    • Detects low visibility conditions such as fog, rain, or snow, then triggers warning system
    • Easily adjustable sensitivity settings
    • Solar powered for grid independence
    • Multiple weather sensors and warning systems can be synchronized

    Manual Activation Switch

    • Available with toggle or key switch
    • Easy on and off activation
    • System or warning device can be added to existing traffic signal system

    Signal Integration

    24/7 Flash Operation

    • 24 hour continuous flash
    • Low cost, economical solution

    Dusk til Dawn Operation

    • Detects available sun light to activate warning system
    • Adjustable settings for flexible locations

    Remote Key FOB Switch

    • 100 transmitters can be programmed to activate a single receiver
    • Up to 4 separate wireless receives can be activated by a single transmitter
    • Multiple applications with delay or no delay programming
    • 1000 foot range Mega Key Fob is available


    Other Activation

    Other Activation Options

    Other Activation Options

    Other Activation Options

    Other Activation Options