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USA's laser cut acrylic is customizable for almost any application.  We start with sheets of acrylic extruded, we carve your design with exact precision, polish the edges and create a finished product that is sharp, beautiful and lower cost than you would expect.  The acrylic is available in 32 standard pigmented colors.  Thicknesses range from 1/8" to 1".  Sizes from one inch to six feet.  Lightweight and easy to install.

Formed plastic letters are made out of Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB),

a tough and versatile plastic, they are available in 128 standard styles or customizable from your artwork.  The sky is the limit for creating three-dimensional letters and logos with colors matched to your desired palette.  Formed plastic products are among the most popular in the sign industry.  They have a low cost but high impact.  Plastic letters are durable and weather-resistant.

Smooth returns, razor-sharp edges and unblemished letter faces give
our letters the look and feel of cast metal in an injection molded plastic

product.  Made from renewable Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB) material,

these letters are extremely durable and will stand up to the scrutiny of indoor applications or the rigors of the outdoors.  Letters are available in six standard styles and 45 standard colors.  Our letters are lightweight and easy to install, and come with a lifetime guarantee.

These letters come in hand finished cast aluminum and bronze, with a variety of finish options.  Including polished, oxidized and anodized (using Aluminum Anodizers Council and American Institute of Architects guidelines).  Letters and logos can be easily customized to meet your needs.  Casting is an economical option for multiple set orders.  Banks, government buildings and universities have long preferred cast metal letters for their classic look, deep dimension and durability.  When a sense

of permanence and class is required, cast metal will pass the test of time and again.

PVC letters are an alternative to acrylic letters, which are generally painted to match your custom color.  These also can be used for interior as well as exterior with somewhat a limited lifespan.   You can order thicknesses of 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1". 


Vinyl letters are custom made to order.  You have a variety of

colors and sizes to choose from.  They are used for interior as

well as exterior.  For homeowners, vinyl designs provide an option

for elegant, classy yet different decor.  Business owners can use

the custom vinyl lettering to design their logos, decorate their walls

or have their contact information displayed on their vehicles.