post and anchors

There are numerous options of posts and anchors to hang your signs and/or warning equipment on.  Additionally, variations in field conditions can factor into selecting the appropriate post, anchor, or foundational support.  Whether your project is dealing with high wind-load conditions, frost lines, lime rock, heavy salt exposure, our experienced staff can help you select the appropriate support structure to fit your needs.

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Uchannel Post

The Uchannel post is constructed of durable rail steel which can be supplied with a galvanized metal finish or any custom color to meet your projects aesthetic needs.  The profile of the post is a “U” shape and features 3/8” diameter holes located on 1” vertical centers to meet any unique application.  We have listed the available Uchannel post lengths and structural attributes below for your ease of reference.
Available Lengths:                         Structural Availability (lbs per lineal foot):
         6’       14'                                              1.12
         7’       16'                                                2        
         8’                                                          2.5
        10’                                                           3
        12’                                                           4

Square Post

Square posts are constructed of durable structural steel with a square profile.  Square posts offer the opportunity to mount multiple signs in four directions on one post.  5/16” holes are conveniently located on 1” vertical spacing and on all four sides of the post.  Square posts are available with a standard galvanized finish or any custom color to meet your projects aesthetic needs.  Square posts are available in 1-3/4” and 2” post diameters. We have listed the available Square post lengths below for your ease of reference.  Standard lengths available are 10’, 12’, and 14’.Type your paragraph here.

Round Post

Round posts are constructed of a hard structural 6061-aluminum alloy.  The round, circular, profile allows multi-directional sign mounting, and the finish on the aluminum poles is a shiny silver.  Round posts are available in many different diameters and wall thicknesses, and offer the most flexible sign mounting elevations available, up to a 20 foot elevation.  Round posts are available in any custom color to meet your projects aesthetic needs.

Signal Poles

The signal poles are specifically designed as a roadside support to mount Intelligent Warning System (IWS) equipment.  The signal pole features a heavy duty 4.5” diameter round pole that is threaded into a square transformer base.  The transformer base features a detachable locking door for easy maintenance access to cables and equipment.  The base is then bolted to four bolts in the foundational concrete footer.  Signal poles and bases are available in any custom color to meet your projects aesthetic needs.



Post anchors provide below ground level support for sign posts.  Post anchors are used in applications when directly burying the upright post column is not desirable.  Anchors can provide anti-twist, break-away, retaining, or reusable support features, depending on the anchor type.  The anti-twist feature was designed to prevent sign posts from twisting in-to or out-of the ground caused by high wind speeds during its lifetime.  The break-away feature is designed for the upright post to break-away from the anchor when impacted by a vehicle for safety purposes.  Retaining anchors either retain the upright post and/or the base when impacted by a vehicle.  Reusable anchors offers an ease of multiple uses allowing quick and easy post replacements after damage by impacts.

Base Posts

Base posts are available for both Uchannel and Square post mounting.  The base post features the appropriate profile base that is buried into the ground or concrete to which the upright post column is mounted.

Retainer Strap

The retainer strap connects between the base post and the upright post for Uchannel applications.  It is mounted with four bolts, three of which are designed to shear after being impacted by a vehicle.  The fourth bolt, located in the elongated slot, retains the upright post allowing the sign and post to lay down and the vehicle to continue driving forward out of harms way.

Anchor Plate

Anchor plates are constructed of a heavy duty steel or aluminum alloy and bolts onto a Uchannel, square, or round post.  The anchor plate is placed below ground level and provides anti-twist features to keep the sign displayed in the proper direction.

Retaining Soil Stabilizer

The Retaining Soil Stabilizer (RSS) is a heavy duty steel anchor plate with a specially designed flange that is bolted to a Uchannel or square post.  The RSS performs dual functions as an anchor.  It provides anti-twist features for proper orientation, and it retains the attached post from becoming dislodged from the soil such as that caused by theft.

V-Loc Anchor System

The V-Loc features a reusable socket based system that serves as the anchor and a wedge clamping system that is designed to yield and release the post upon a vehicle impact.  With the heavy duty fins of the socket providing anti-twist functionality, combined with the wedge system’s break-away features, the V-Loc is the cadillac of anchor systems.