•  A detailed list of attributes for all signs including structure type, retro-reflectivity readings, and current MUTCD codes.
  •  A full assessment of sign quality life cycle, and retro-reflective performance by a MUTCD qualified professional.
  •  A comprehensive content management database that allows for easy planning, budgeting, and maintenance from any location.
  •  An Integrated sign manufacturing and replacement system which is customizable to meet all of your challenges and needs.

sign management system

- highlights -

  •  Inventory and Assessment can be completed in 30 days depending on customer's needs & desires.
  •  "Turn-Key" Solution.  No additional staff is required.
  •  Seamless and customizable Content Management Database.
  •  Low cost financing available.
  •  Quick replacement manufacturing to customer specifications.
  •  Timely field installations.

             Night Time Assessments

    Day Time Assessments

  • BlinkerBeam wireless traffic control systems add simple, reliable and versatile tools to ITS applications.
  • When used on highway/roadway applications, BlinkerBeam wireless transmitters can activate pedestrian crosswalk signage, including BlinkerSign LED Signs, detection devices, and many other traffic control devices.
  • It can also be an integral part of critical warning systems for alerting bikers, joggers, and pedestrians to the presence of vehicle traffic and vise versa.
  • For simple, reliable and flexible wireless activation, nothing outshines the BlinkerBeam System.

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