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Curve Solutions

BlinkerChevron™ Dynamic Curve Warning System

Engineered to fit the uniqueness of any curve, BlinkerChevron™ Dynamic Curve Warning Systems are custom built with a combination of flash activations, flash patterns and detection methods.

Systems consist of any number of solar-powered, LED-enhanced BlinkerChevron™ signs that flash sequentially or simultaneously, guiding drivers through the length of the curve.

Proven to reduce horizontal curve crashes by 58%*

* Highways for Life: Evaluation of the Sequential Dynamic Curve Warning System


  • Multiple flash activation options – including vehicle, speed and weather smart technologies
  • Sequential and simultaneous flash patterns
  • Solar powered for installation in any location
  • Ruggedized BlinkerChevron™ for rigorous external environments
  • Double-sided systems available


  • Two-lane, 55 mph curves
  • High-speed, multi-lane expressway curves
  • Any dangerous horizontal highway curves

Further Enhance with an Advanced Curve Warning Sign

A flashing LED Curve Warning BlinkerSign warns drivers that they are approaching a curve early given them more time to react at critical areas like cliff drop offs.

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